12 Years New

The One Hundred Twenty Inch Project

I took it upon myself, to FINALLY fix up a twelve year old, 10’0″ longboard that has been collecting dust. Poor girl had dings up the ying yang and hasn’t been ridden in years. This baby has been to hell and back. She got her center skeg, box included, ripped out. Twice. Flew off the back off a truck, going uphill. And stored in the most redonkulous of places. A UH apartment, someones pool shed, and a strip clubs dressing room.

Items Used: adhesive remover; spray paint; putty knife; bondo putty; sandpaper; 1 pack Camel non menthols (not shown).

Stripping off old wax was easy. Taking off years of gunk from duct tape was a bitch to do.

Caution: The adhesive remover I used was professional grade and cut through duct tape residue like butter. But it burns through fiberglass so wipe it off quickly. Also do not get it on your skin because it hurts like a MOTHERBITCH!!
I patched the dings with Bondo Putty instead of SolarRez. Trust me it works. Then sanded the putty when it hardened.

I used all colors of paint at my disposal. I ended up going with this blue variant. It’s actually engine enamel. Able to withstand up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Just in case barreling Lava comes my way.

I still need a creative design to spray, that I’m satisfied with, for the top of the board. But there she is. More or less, fully restored. 10 hours of elbow grease or an hour per foot. In all of her sexy ass blue.

I would like to hear from you!

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