Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Hen


Life is truly amazing.  It hands you certain individuals that totally blows you away. I’m talking about people that do things that absolutely stand out from the crowd. The Philanthropist. Mr. or Mrs Aloha. The Extreme Optimist. The Happy Drunk. The Comic. And the ever loving individual that provokes the common response; what did you just say? Example…

a: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

b: You’re stupid. I’m not falling for those trick questions. Chickens don’t lay eggs.

a: What did you just say?

b: What? Chickens don’t lay eggs.

a: (in sarcastic tone) Oh mighty genius, please oh please humble me in your wisdom and tell me what lays the eggs.

b: It’s the hen that lays the eggs…right?

a: Yes, the hen lays the eggs. *sigh* And a hen is what animal?

b. I dunno? Aren’t hens, hens? Stop it you’re confusing me.

a: (with pistol hand gesture, pointed at temple with firing thumb and recoil) Shit, it’s too late for that. You confused yourself a long time ago. A hen is a female chicken. Holy fuckballs.

b. Sorry blonde moment!!

a: Your life is a blonde moment.

You must treasure those special moments of mild retarded-ness, that magically blossoms in front of you. Even ones that involves hens. Or is it a chicken?

Please note, I have nothing against retards.  Or blondes.

4 thoughts on “Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Hen”

  1. Like telling a customer the product they desire is on the third aisle on the right and they go down to the FOURTH aisle and come back saying “I can’t find it.”



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