Keen Observation


I hate making fun of people. I really do. This entry is NOT about harassing the less fortunate, but rather discussing the shrewd thoughts that go through my mind. And I assume everyone else…

I met someone last week.  This is the story.

During the initial meet and greet, it was difficult for me to hold a conversation with a cross eyed person. The polite police says to make eye contact while talking. But I don’t know which eye to look at. So the question remains to be; Do I look at the straight eye or the eye that seems to be staring at the clouds? I prefer to be cordial as possible by giving my full attention. But it’s difficult to hold back thoughts like, brah, try look at me when I’m talking to you. So it seems the optically challenged, brings 50% to the conversation. The other 50%, seems to be daydreaming some fantastical concept, in form of a lazy eyeball. Which is not true at all. They probably have magical powers with their super eye. Like shoots beams of light or x-ray your body for impurities.

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