The Times They Are a-Changin’

A conversation with a friend, lead to tears of laughter. I’ll tell you why. Facebook chat was on the fritz with this friends computer. Or so I thought. Through back on forth wall posts and comments, doing my best to help, it was discovered the culprit was not Facebook or the computer. It was the computer illiterate female user. I added “female” in hopes of a more empathetic understanding but bigotry is one of my little side talents.

In the midst of social media, where wall posts, IMs, Tweets, texts, sexts and Words With Friends are the norm for communication, I decides to “call” her. I know, weird.  Who the hell makes calls? One step closer to the big crescendo. I walk her through, finding the “Go Online” link. She finds it. All is good.

Crack open a brewsky and fire up the hibachi, Houston we have lift off. She’s ecstatic, and sending many thank yous my way. I gracefully send my sarcasm, carefully wrapped with a honi honi (kiss kiss), and conclude the phone call saying, Good it’s working, I’m going to hang up the phone and jump on Facebook Chat.
Tears of laughter.
Today, I communicated with at least 15 different people from the cushions of my home. None of them were on the phone. Okay…one of them was my mom. The times are changing, leaving Alexander Graham Bell, to turn in his grave. This is the world we live in today. Drowning in technology, swimming against pixel-ized acronyms. omg. lol. wtf. hijklmonp. Facebooking at opposite ends of the couch. Or the bar. Or in bed, lying side by side and giggling as if you tied someones shoelaces together.

Humor me. Leave a comment here, or share this on FB and Twitter. If you’re 29 going on 13, slap it on your Myspace. Whatever you do, don’t call me on my phone. That would be utterly ridiculous.

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