Amongst peaceful scenic views, there is disharmony in my ears. And it’s very loud. I battle this boom of dramatic whining, with my imaginary mp3 player. I fucking forgot to pack my Zune, so I have to pretend jam to Aerosmith with my air guitar. And with no earbuds to plug my human sonar, I am tossed in the mecca of dramaville, without a life vest.

Thank goodness for blogs.

“Issues” are wherever you take them. People that jump ship and ditch locations in hopes of a better situation, have yet to understand that. But for some reason, Big Island inhabitants believe it’s cooler if you have more. And it’s way cool to share issues to anyone and everyone, AND their pet goat. It’s like they hoard an inventory of “one up” stories of struggles, ready at their disposal. Because if you’re miserable, then it’s cool. No, choice.   


Although I am guilty of participating with the illegal trade of harmful fables, I participate much less as a contributor and more of a recipient, nowadays. Always there to lend an empathetic ear. Picky though, my ears can be. A steady conscious effort, I must apply to correctly filter those in dire need. I give extra kudos to those who handle personal affairs and communicate it, responsibly. You people rock, my filter thanks you.

I wonder if any of you also have Debbie Downers that just doesn’t know when to stfu? Choosing to hand out cheese with their wine. Moping around, sighing all the time. Sigh, my job is soo shitty.  Sigh, I hate my boyfriend. I hate my girlfriend.  Sigh, I have a headache.  Sigh, I have to blog about people sighing.  Sigh, Sigh, Sigh.  In fact, I know you have them living on your street.  Possibly even your household.  Maybe it’s you.  If it is, you owe me a filter. And leave my goat out of this.

Choice is the only real power we have.  You can choose to gossip or choose not too. You can choose to have a shitty job, or choose to say my job is the shit.  You can choose to change the word hate, to love.  You can choose to have apples over oranges or to choose both.  Above all, you can choose to reacquire and own your power of choice. Choice is choice.

I would like to hear from you!

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