Happy Clap

At the end of August, my grandmother will be celebrating her 90th birthday.  An accomplishment that is surely to be cherished.  Besides the common ailments and achy joints, I am amazed of the level of fortitude she totes bundled with her enduring wit.  She still drives.  Does her own shopping and errands.  Goes to church and even visits the beach almost everyday.

If I reach 90, will I still have that kind of mental capacity?  Will I be able to drive when I’m 90?  What about cars?  Are cars going to even exist when I’m 90?  Maybe we’ll commute using teleportation.  We already carry Captain Kirks communicator with adornments pre-installed.  Now we just need the Enterprise.  Maybe they’ll be an app for transport.  Maybe we won’t be even using apps.  Maybe, just maybe…cell phones will be retired and with help of nanites, the way we communicate will be through an organic motherboard sutured under the skin of our fingertips.  e.g. Total Recall.

funny-birthday-wishesInformation between two people can easily be exchanged by a ‘High Five’.  A ‘Rock On’ position will call a predetermined number.  A Fist will order a pizza.  A Snap will deliver a stripper.  Two Fists will deliver a stripper holding a pizza.  A Clap activates the teleportation app, thrusting you directly in the managers office where you can demand a refund if the stripper wasn’t delivered within 30 minutes.

Unlike the rigid structure of certain religions, slangs and acronyms would evolve.  Yes evolution is real.  FB or IM me will simply be replaced by FM.  Though ‘Finger Me’ emanates awkward.

FB- Facebook

IM- Instant Message

FM- Finger Me

I would like to hear from you!

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