5 Reasons Why I’ve Fallen in Love With Googles’ Android

Photo Credit:  GoogleThe attraction began three years ago when I witnessed a friend use her Galaxy phone.  At that time I was intrigued by what the Android platform could offer.  She was the only one with an Android phone and I, myself included, was surrounded by iPhone lemmings.  This isn’t a bash Jobs post but more of a Why wasn’t I notified about this shit earlier, post.

In July 2013, I invested in a Galaxy Tab2 and my Android hymen was broken.

1.  The Android operating system is Open Source

So what if it’s open source.  Big deal.  The deal is, developers are allowed to modify the software.  Translation being Android devices are enhanced by the community of developers, extending the functionality of the device and we the consumers reap the benefits.  If you hate Jailbreaking your Apple device after every update, then how the operating system functions is a big deal.  Apple says, This is my toy. I will play with my toy and you can look but don’t touch.  Google says, This is our toy.  We created this toy to share with you and if you want, make the toy better so everyone can enjoy it.  Microsoft says,  What the fuck happened to my toy?

2.  Synchronization and Auto Back Ups

Alla Google Drive, all the shit that I do with my Tab, automatically syncs to my Google account.  Backing up those precious Miley Cyrus videos.  Like a Tolkein story, one account.  One account to rule them all.  I don’t know how you meander through our digital age, but I despised having to manage a plethora of usernames and accompanying passwords.  Chrome syncs with it’s mobile version.  Bookmarks included.  Google+ backs up your photos.  Drive, backs up whatever you want to back up.  In short, only using my stupendous solitary Google account,  simplifying my wired connection to the world using Android as the portal.  Apple says, You can leave your things with me on the iCloud but wait…is that…OMG it’s Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs!!  Google says, We’ll do the worrying for you by keeping your files safe so you can worry about more important things like, what is the actor from Dude Where’s My Car is starring in.  Microsoft says,  Error 37.

3.  Widgets

The right here right now of getting information without digging for and opening an application.  Post to Facebook without opening the app.  Send a Twat or check-in with FourSquare right from the homescreen.  Less swiping and more doing.  Apple says, Instead of Widgets, lets play Chopsticks.  Google says, Chopsticks is great and we want our customers to learn to play the piano by being productive.  Microsoft says, Can I use a fork instead?

4.  Dropbox gives you 48 Gigabytes of free storage

Dropbox doesn’t skimp out when linking your account to your Android device.  Adding in the 2 gigs you get when creating an account, you get 50 gigs of Cloud space.  Fucking mouthwatering.  Siri says, I am sorry but I can’t get that for you.  Google says,  Just incase Google Drive isn’t enough…  Microsoft says, Seriously guys where did put you my toy, this is sooo not cool.

5.  Fluidity

This is basically the summarization of the above 4.  First you have to ask yourself how much does Google influence your daily routine.  I “Google” mostly everything online.  I don’t ask Jeeves a damn thing.  Gmail, check.  YouTube, check.  Chrome, hell yes.  It’s much easier to swim with the current than against.  Android provides the fins and mask.  Apple says, We can’t wait till you shell out another $600 for one of our prestigious products!  Shall we inform Siri to make an appointment next year?  Google says,  We’re sorry and we don’t mean to be impolite but did you just say Apple Maps?  Microsoft says, Look,  we built something and didn’t give it a shit name like something you do while in Africa or named it a result you’ll encounter in arithmetic.  We’re proud of it and with much thought and deliberation we named it after the guy from Friends.

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I’ve Fallen in Love With Googles’ Android”

  1. I absolutely love this! Kippy your humor keeps me laughing through the whole article, but more importantly…. I completely have to agree with you about the reasons I LOVE my android! Great article! Im about to share on Twitter


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