The Twerk Heard Around The World

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Dear viewers of the Internets,

I am concerned about reactions regarding a musical performance at the 2013 VMA.  I think Robin Thicke and MIley Cyrus’ duet was kick ass.  The crowd seemed to enjoy it as well.  Why the internets reactions state of shock and poor criticism is beyond me.

I guess my question is, what are you truly shocked about?  Is it the over the top twerking or less than modest outfit?  Is it the lyrics suggestive use of extra curricular medication or the twenty two Gene Simmons impersonations?  Are you really that dumbfounded by Miss Montanas performance that you’re left agape?

All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer by the stars.  -Rush, The Pass

You must be extremely disconnected with pop culture or you have the ignorance of a six year old.  Where were you when Janet Jackson flashed her Super Bowl boob?  Did you happen to see pictures of the pantiless Britney?  Were you aware she shaved her head bald?  Chers flat ass made its debut in the If I Could Turn Back Time music video.  Also, there are two artist you might have heard about, Lady Gaga and Madonna.  Are you truly that sensitive?

I am not shocked at provocative artists and their performances.  I don’t consider them crazy nor do I see them losing their minds.  I see them as exploring their respected medium, going from good to possibly great.  Artists that pushes the boundaries of what is considered socially acceptable, sometimes produce memorable works of art.  Look up the painter that cut off his hear.

I enjoy seeing the evolution of talented musicians.  I enjoy brilliant performances.  Thats why I remember Madonna more than I do Cyndi Lauper.  Because the journey through the creative fringe stands outside the shadow of sanity. So get your shit together, Internets.  Your need for great performances yet quick dismissal of  the attempt to do so is completely asinine.  If you really want something to cry about, watch Fox News.

15 thoughts on “The Twerk Heard Around The World”

  1. Can’t STAND Miley UGH!!

    or Beiber
    or Swift
    hardly any of this pop crap coming out nowadays
    give me The Rasmus, fade, H.I.M., Apocalyptica, Shinedown, RHCP, ANY day

    speaking of RHCP, no one mentioned their infamous tube sock gig XDD


  2. firstly, that ain’t art, nor talent, if that performance is considered soo, than prostitution would be legal, secondly, the only way people like this keep on performing this way, aside from the extreme lack of self-respect and confidence with in them, is because ignorant people, with no self respect or confidence either, like yourself, keep them employed, and thirdly people are reacting like she has two heads , could be because millions of people are fighting against sexual abuse ,harassment and mutilation caused by neanderthals against girls and boys. So people are shocked when a well informed, up to date on world current events person, who is going to influence the sheep, not only acts like a ho, but is saying this is the american female this is how we want to be treated (you know how 3rd world countries are, always taking things so literal)Only she won’t ever feel the repercussions of her actions in the world outside of her selfish head.


  3. The painter you’re referring to, Van Gogh, was severely depressed and suicidal. (check out “Letters to Theo”, which is a collection of letter’s Vincent wrote to his brother). He not only cut off his ear, he killed himself. This is only my opinion, but to me, there can be, in some instances, a difference between an artist and a performer. Anyone can perform an act. Whether that act is considered performance art is, in my opinion, up to each individual that comprises an audience. Some are of the belief that certain acts (I mean behaviors) are just cheap display. I also think we need to discuss what “pushing the envelope or boundaries” means. Everyone has their own opinion. I personally don’t think that pushing an imaginary envelope is necessary. Not every performer needs to go to extremes. Many performing artists just get out there, open their mouths and sing, dance, etc. If Pink does ariel dancing while she’s belting out a song, that, to me, is pushing the envelope, in a way that literally lifts the spirit. I believe that life is creative. Look at other cultures around the world. Art is a part of their daily lives. But we seem to have gotten far away from the true meaning of art. There has been a disconnect. And the artist who cut off his ear, certainly wasn’t in it for the money. He never sold a painting until he died. Interesting discussion! Peace of Mind & Love to you all!! Nana


    1. thank you for your sharing your thoughts nana. i try to shy away from “rabbit ears” because it seems a bit cheezy, but mileys performance has created a media buzz for a few days following the vmas. it also fueled a word press writing challenge. crazy. is it safe to say that she at least tore the seal of the envelope? my definition of “envelope” would be the confines of what is socially acceptable. debatable of course. but there was a time when it was socially acceptable to not let women vote, to smoke a cigarette in theaters, to burn witches and to watch Bill O’Reilly. again, i appreciate your opinion and thoughts.


  4. Haha I so agree! Miley Cyrus isn’t the first white girl to twerk…and I’m pretty sure all the daughters of America were growing up, going to college, getting drunk and taking drugs before she came around too!


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