Looking at Sound: 4 Beats To My B-side


How do I tell someone who I am through music?  I would play songs holding the phone to the speaker and say, ISN’T THIS SONG AWESOME!  Playlists, Streams, Downloads, Likes and Favorites have replaced the good ole mix tape.  But being a product of the 80’s, I understood the frustrations of the cassette/pencil marriage and a mixed tape was more of a sentimental piece than practical.

The following is short bio, told without the headaches of the analog era and machines that spat out your creations.

The first peek into who I am would be seeing my current crush.  I’ve fallen in love with Katy Perry’s attachment to humor.  She’s fearless in her musical expression and the “fuck it” attitude grabs me all the time.  She hasn’t responded to any of my marriage proposals but I understand she’s a busy woman.


In my fight to not completely whore out this article with YouTube, I chose just Creedence over Hendrix, Queen, Rush and much more, to represent my love of Classic Rock.  Creedence Clearwater Revival mirrors my rebellious approach to raising awareness and the reminder to make love during times of war.  Also a talent I wish I had but would need to smoke a whole pack of Marlboro Reds to attain, is John Fogertys iconic voice.

My innate nature of going against the grain probably started when I was a child flying cooked rice at newlyweds, but was only noticed during my introduction to alternative rock.  The riffs from Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and Red Hot Chili Peppers boiled with impassioned lyrics, freed my individuality and brought to my attention that the easiest way to be cool is to try to not be.

sidenote: If you’re passionate for old/new school alternative, this is one the best mixes I’ve heard so far.

Finally from the relationship department, Biz Markie explains my dysfunctional rotating door syndrome, in probably the most recognizable chorus in Hip Hop history.  In my horror, his chorus resonates with my specific inability to indistinguish female friends from female fuck buddies.  Que sera sera.

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