National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The Pink Ribbon

My affinity for breasts probably started with my appetite as a newborn.  It had subsided during my childhood, then resurfaced in my teen years.  Whether it be a mouthful of silicone or genuine mammaries,  my adult years has been filled with unbiased cleave.  When I hit my geriatric years, I’ll probably develop breasts of my own.

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am posting bosoms for each of the remaining days of October.  Stay abreast of the cause by sharing daily posts and sharing the aloha.

If you would like to get more involved, send a selfie of just your semi-bare chest(classy) with “A’A I P” stamped on your assets to  On the subject line, enter “NBCAM” and photos will be posted as/with the Bosom of the Day.  examples, photo A and photo B.

BOTD by Scarlett Johansson


read all BOTD articles here.


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