NBCAM: Final Bosom of the Day with Gallery Recap

For the final day of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am posting my boobs for the Bosom of the Day at the recommendation of two bloggers, Wanderlushh and SuperSaiyanM.  In conclusion of the month of the boobs, I’d like to remind you to get your annual mammogram.

A very big thank you, to the people that submitted their photos and those that shared the NBCAM posts.  In consideration of this self imposed challenge, I’d like to reflect on two things.  One, an enlightenment of my ability to have girls to send me a picture of their boobs, and heaps of unprepared support that left me stupified.  Two, discovering the unrelenting human spirit in breast cancer survivors and the lives they live post cancer.   

To recap the month of October, I started the Bosom of the Day with this.  It led me to write Tickled Pink as a writing challenge.  That led me to closing the month with a review of this blog.  Finally in my opinion, the authors behind these blogs kick ass.  Cancerkillingrecipe.  MonkeyButlerNeeded.  Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride.  Thank you again to those who supported me and this blog. Also the readers that enjoyed three straight weeks of cleave.

October 31st, 2013 BOTD by My boobs with gallery recap


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11 thoughts on “NBCAM: Final Bosom of the Day with Gallery Recap”

      1. i am! october is done. you are inspiring me. in fact i’m working on my longest article yet. this weeks writing challenge. i challenge you, bear vs shark.


      2. maybe the challenge will help you find a new blog name. i’m still looking for a new name myself. no fighting, just friendly competition. it’s funny that bears really eat pizza and possibly the pizza table. although, it would hurt coming out.


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