Riding With Peppers, The Video

Water.  A crucial substance, necessary for the sustenance of life.  We inhabit the water world and today, I pay homage to those before me, who used water not only to ensure survival but also as a form of enjoyment, creating worlds within worlds.  More specifically, from the ancient Polynesian culture and what the Hawaiian’s refer to as he’e nalu.  Although I am much appreciative of their gift of the sport, I would also like to apologize to any fish I may had run over.   

Hershel might be catching a few as we speak, yet in any case, dolphins do it better.  Every surfer has a story to tell and why they surf.  The spectrum of answers is wide and as large as the head of Kanye West or the ass of his other half.  I on the other hand, will leave my mark digitally, and tell a story without words but when sprinkled with Red Hot Chili Peppers, it can be cool as fuck.  Like a picture that says a 100 beers on the wall, or however the saying goes, I’ll let you the viewer, fill in the blanks of my story and my why.

this article is in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge: Traces

11 thoughts on “Riding With Peppers, The Video”


        Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything, yet man who balance on surfboard accomplish many juicy waves


  1. So, I realize people in this day and age have water proof cameras…but I was still like “omg, how is he filming this…” because I’m fucking weird I guess. I demand more surfing-related posts! I want to learn more!


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