Excuse Me Sir, Do You Mind Putting Out Your Stupidity

Sorry, but stupidity can’t be snuffed out as easily as a cigarette.  Although I wish it could.  There are two points (possibly more, but who has the time?) about the county of Big Islands bill, to raise the purchase of tobacco products from 18 to 21.  If you can’t tell from the header, I’m an opponent to the bill and philosophy.    

Well there’s a great paradox.

Let’s start with one of the quotes from a councilman, “This is a historical bill.”  he states.  Historic in our States history, hmm.  I would say, the anti-billboard law, Kauai’s no building taller than a coconut tree law,  smoking ban in restaurants and recently the legalization of same-sex marriage.  Really, Mr. Councilman?  Consider your daily routine of representation.  If you believe moving an age requirement four years is historic, you should probably take a hard look at the seat you occupy and try to get out of the house more often.

I do understand the intent of the bill and I agree, but not support wholeheartedly.  Which brings me to my second point.  How effective is it?  Poll any smoker and ask, when did you smoke your first cigarette?  I’ll put money down that it’s before the age of 18.  I’ll double down on 21.  The same can be asked of an alcoholic beverage.

My point is, is there a way to successfully measure the positive effects of the bill?     I don’t think so because you’re simply creating the latter half of the marshmallow test.  Wait four years and you can have all the cigarettes you want.  This is how you help protect us?  Fuck.  If you truly intend to prevent smoking, then why not ban tobacco?   Of course this means political suicide by mere introduction of a bill, with the loss of every smoking voter and tobacco lobbyist in your bullpen, you can say goodbye to those days of making *rolling eyes* hiiiistooooriiic bills.

Don’t you think it’s asinine and rude to tell an 18 year old adult they can’t smoke, but say nothing when they volunteer into a branch of military?   Hawaii recently passed the same-sex marriage law, displaying their position on equality.  Then you move the state two steps back by introducing this kind of bullshit.

As long as I get my lollipop doc.

If you want to pass laws, eliminating responsibilities from an adult then balance the age requirement to be one as well.  Because good sir, if 21 is the minimum age you can volunteer to die for your country, that would be deemed historic.

P.S.  I don’t smoke cigarettes.

full story here:  HawaiiNewsNow, Big Island Restricting Tobacco Sales to 21 and Up

5 thoughts on “Excuse Me Sir, Do You Mind Putting Out Your Stupidity”

  1. Oh, I can top THAT one! In some cities in TX and NY, you cannot smoke in BARS anymore.


    And we’ve had the 21 law for a while now and I always say the same thing: one can vote and go die for our country at 18, but it’s against the law to have a drink or a smoke before they do so? Dumb, REALLY dumb.


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