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Where the Wild Things Are Riding With Susie

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About a week ago, I got a message from a cousin who’s just finishing college.  He was looking for inspiration to begin the next chapter in his life, which was to travel away from his home state of California.  Uprooting yourself at any stage in life is a huge endeavor and I was delightedly humbled that he asked me for advice.  I had relayed a bunch of suggestions but my final words of advice was telling him to stop looking.  Not to be confused with quitting, but to simply be open to the possibility that inspiration could find you.

Such is the case with Susie Lindau.  I had found Susies site, appropriately titled Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride, in my daily expedition through the internets.  Not looking for anything but something funny to read, I was flabbergasted to discover that her comedic writings revolved around her personal battle with breast cancer.  After cackling through her articles, I thought to myself I shouldn’t be laughing, this woman lost both her tits.    Continue reading Where the Wild Things Are Riding With Susie

The War of Art

Sometimes you blog about poetry or life as a single mother.  Sometimes you blog about religion and politics or the loss of a pet after you’ve fed him too much vodka.  Todays article is about neither, but about a blog that gives you that high you had when you purchased your first iPhone and the feeling of your nuts shooting up your stomach when you first drop the phone on the concrete.

Continue reading The War of Art