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Leaving Reality and Three Stories You Should Listen To

Like a bandit in the old west, my earbuds are my trusty six shooter and it’s holster, my mp3 player.  When it’s fully loaded with an ammunition of songs, I am ready to take on any varmint at High Noon.  Although I am unwilling to share my cover of Wanted Dead or Alive, I will be candid with my taste in music.  You will find that I commonly park my hoss at the Hard Rock saloon, in between Pop Rock Barber Shop and the Bank of Alternative.   My usual orders are awesome riffs and solos like More Than A Feeling by Boston or hypnotic vocals from any song sung by Freddie Mercury.  If the bartend ain’t serving any joy juice, my earbuds double as buffer, eliminating pesky advances from bar prostitutes.  Sometimes you just need a time-out from reality.

The following are three personal short stories representing an attachment with music, using songs as a supplement and a guide.  Playing them is not necessary, but it adds another dimension to the story.  In any case, they’re kick ass songs.    Continue reading Leaving Reality and Three Stories You Should Listen To

Looking at Sound: 4 Beats To My B-side


How do I tell someone who I am through music?  I would play songs holding the phone to the speaker and say, ISN’T THIS SONG AWESOME!  Playlists, Streams, Downloads, Likes and Favorites have replaced the good ole mix tape.  But being a product of the 80’s, I understood the frustrations of the cassette/pencil marriage and a mixed tape was more of a sentimental piece than practical.

The following is short bio, told without the headaches of the analog era and machines that spat out your creations.

The first peek into who I am would be seeing my current crush.  I’ve fallen in love with Katy Perry’s attachment to humor.  She’s fearless in her musical expression and the “fuck it” attitude grabs me all the time.  She hasn’t responded to any of my marriage proposals but I understand she’s a busy woman. Continue reading Looking at Sound: 4 Beats To My B-side

White Noise II

Bob Marley revisited.  Sounday for Sunday.  Enjoy!!

The Twerk Heard Around The World

Photo Credit:  Nielson Bernard/Getty Images

Dear viewers of the Internets,

I am concerned about reactions regarding a musical performance at the 2013 VMA.  I think Robin Thicke and MIley Cyrus’ duet was kick ass.  The crowd seemed to enjoy it as well.  Why the internets reactions state of shock and poor criticism is beyond me.

I guess my question is, what are you truly shocked about?  Is it the over the top twerking or less than modest outfit?  Is it the lyrics suggestive use of extra curricular medication or the twenty two Gene Simmons impersonations?  Are you really that dumbfounded by Miss Montanas performance that you’re left agape?

All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer by the stars.  -Rush, The Pass

You must be extremely disconnected with pop culture or you have the ignorance of a six year old.  Where were you when Janet Jackson flashed her Super Bowl boob?  Did you happen to see pictures of the pantiless Britney?  Were you aware she shaved her head bald?  Chers flat ass made its debut in the If I Could Turn Back Time music video.  Also, there are two artist you might have heard about, Lady Gaga and Madonna.  Are you truly that sensitive? Continue reading The Twerk Heard Around The World

5 Reasons Why I’ve Fallen in Love With Googles’ Android

Photo Credit:  GoogleThe attraction began three years ago when I witnessed a friend use her Galaxy phone.  At that time I was intrigued by what the Android platform could offer.  She was the only one with an Android phone and I, myself included, was surrounded by iPhone lemmings.  This isn’t a bash Jobs post but more of a Why wasn’t I notified about this shit earlier, post.

In July 2013, I invested in a Galaxy Tab2 and my Android hymen was broken.

1.  The Android operating system is Open Source

So what if it’s open source.  Big deal.  The deal is, developers are allowed to modify the software.  Translation being Android devices are enhanced by the community of developers, extending the functionality of the device and we the consumers reap the benefits.  If you hate Jailbreaking your Apple device after every update, then how the operating system functions is a big deal.  Apple says, This is my toy. I will play with my toy and you can look but don’t touch.  Google says, This is our toy.  We created this toy to share with you and if you want, make the toy better so everyone can enjoy it.  Microsoft says,  What the fuck happened to my toy?
Continue reading 5 Reasons Why I’ve Fallen in Love With Googles’ Android

Happy Clap

At the end of August, my grandmother will be celebrating her 90th birthday.  An accomplishment that is surely to be cherished.  Besides the common ailments and achy joints, I am amazed of the level of fortitude she totes bundled with her enduring wit.  She still drives.  Does her own shopping and errands.  Goes to church and even visits the beach almost everyday.

If I reach 90, will I still have that kind of mental capacity?  Will I be able to drive when I’m 90?  What about cars?  Are cars going to even exist when I’m 90?  Maybe we’ll commute using teleportation.  We already carry Captain Kirks communicator with adornments pre-installed.  Now we just need the Enterprise.  Maybe they’ll be an app for transport.  Maybe we won’t be even using apps.  Maybe, just maybe…cell phones will be retired and with help of nanites, the way we communicate will be through an organic motherboard sutured under the skin of our fingertips.  e.g. Total Recall.

funny-birthday-wishesInformation between two people can easily be exchanged by a ‘High Five’.  A ‘Rock On’ position will call a predetermined number.  A Fist will order a pizza.  A Snap will deliver a stripper.  Two Fists will deliver a stripper holding a pizza.  A Clap activates the teleportation app, thrusting you directly in the managers office where you can demand a refund if the stripper wasn’t delivered within 30 minutes.

Unlike the rigid structure of certain religions, slangs and acronyms would evolve.  Yes evolution is real.  FB or IM me will simply be replaced by FM.  Though ‘Finger Me’ emanates awkward.

FB- Facebook

IM- Instant Message

FM- Finger Me