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3 out of 5 Dentists Recommend Hawaii

State FlagOver a month ago, I had lost a tooth.  I didn’t misplace it or do shady transactions with a meth addict.  It was thanks to a busted filling and an infection, resulting in my tooths removal from his gummy home.  Goodbye molar.  You will be surely missed.

I never understood why we only have two sets of teeth.  In a biological sense I do.  But a serious toothache can lead to a slew of health risks, possibly death.

So why do sharks have an endless surplus of teeth?  Besides using driftwood as toothpicks, all they do is eat and grow teeth.  Mako and I found a humpback carcass near the sandbar, wanna come?  Nah, just gonna swim around and grow teeth.  Sharks are show-offs. Continue reading 3 out of 5 Dentists Recommend Hawaii