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How to Tour Hawaii Like A Boss

Planning your next trip to Hawaii?  Here’s the skinny to get the most out of your visit to the middle of the pacific and ensure you vacation like a boss.  Warning, spoiler alert.
  1. Stay in a Bed and Breakfast:  Big name hotels are overrated and taxed to death, passing on the overhead to you the consumer.  Free yourself from the claustrophobic chambers of a three star and boss vacay in style.  Most B&Bs are locally owned and comparingly priced with hotels,  keeping your hard earned cash in the hands of Hawaii residents and not diluted through a national chain.  B&Bs are run by small business owners and pride themselves on customer satisfaction as opposed to big hotels that formulate profits and deal with occupancy numbers.   Hotel formula: happiness = don’t give a fuck    Continue reading How to Tour Hawaii Like A Boss

The Lifesaving Q&A With Hawaii County Lifeguard, Rick L. Losman

If I was a Lifeguard, no one would be rescued because swimmers would be waving for help and due to my extreme social behavior, I would be waving back.  Thank goodness for Hawaii County Lifeguard, Rick L. Losman.  I got to sit with Rick and interview him about life as a Lifeguard and being frugal with hand gestures.

What was your inspiration to become a Lifeguard for Hawaii County?

That would be in 1995, when I was living in Lapahoehoe and I was blessed to have an old Hawaiian man as a neighbor.  He had asked to kokua (help) paint the swimming pool roof. (Laughing) Being from the mainland I didn’t know what that (kokua) meant.  The Lifeguard at the time Ms. Bowman was holding a CPR and lifeguarding class and invited me to take the course.  I didn’t want to at the time, but I showed up that night.  Later I took the test and got a phone call saying you’re hired for the summer of ’96.  And I’ve been a Lifeguard since.

Roughly how many rescues have you done?    Continue reading The Lifesaving Q&A With Hawaii County Lifeguard, Rick L. Losman