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Pornography. Harmless or Toxic?

JEHOVAH’S WITNESS. Showing up unannounced since the invention of the door bell.

In my childhood into early adulthood, I was tormented by people claiming to have witnessed Jehovah.  First of all, I’ve lost bits and pieces of great episodes from Tranzor Z and The Monchichis that I’ll never get back.  And watching old school Saturday morning cartoons online isn’t the same because YouTube doesn’t provide the fresh bowl of Frosted Flakes.  Second, their Christian propaganda went straight into the trash because recycling wasn’t cool yet.  Ironically contributing to their own fabricated Armageddon.

The tide has turned (somewhat) in favor of God’s Kingdom as I am now actively looking for preaching pamphlets.  I guess that’s a win for them, right?  But, I am not joining a convent.  I am not being converted nor ingesting any pale bland wafers.  I simply desire to rephrase their obtuse rhetoric, headlining the handouts.  This is what it should have said…    Continue reading Pornography. Harmless or Toxic?