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The Bartender, The Waitress and The Dancer: Chapter II of II

Photo Credit: Dailyconcepts.com

“What the Fuck!!  Do you want us to die!?”  I yell and tug her arm away from the wheel.

In response of my defense, she slaps back and generously includes and elbow to my right ear.  My hearing goes numb on the right side.   Condensation accumulates on the windshield from the irate suicidal and her scowling mouth.  A stream of heat and maledictions whiz by my face as I roll down the window.  I continue to wonder why and how I got stuck in the honeycomb.  Trissy became too much beeotch to handle.

If I weren’t such a nice a guy, I would have dumped her on the curb like a Microsoft operating system.  There was an absence of goodbye kisses and pleasantries as we reached Trissys home.  I stared at her bubble behind as she walked away with flailing arms and thought, that’s the last time I tap that.

She owned a Playstation with a healthy library of games, which basically is code for keeper.

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Godzilla 2014


An audible disarray of hundreds of pairs of slippers, sneakers, and heels shuffle while mobile devices utter their faint and recognizable chimes.  The hot Hawaiian breeze is infused with senseless chatter.  The people, many.  The line, long.  And the solar beast in the sky is having a bake fest.  Note to self, bring a fucking umbrella.  Because it’s not raining.    Continue reading Godzilla 2014