The War of Art

Sometimes you blog about poetry or life as a single mother.  Sometimes you blog about religion and politics or the loss of a pet after you’ve fed him too much vodka.  Todays article is about neither, but about a blog that gives you that high you had when you purchased your first iPhone and the feeling of your nuts shooting up your stomach when you first drop the phone on the concrete.

Her pen name is Super Saiyan M.  Her tag line, even cooler.  I would describe Super Saiyan as a double threat, being incredibly funny in her writing with a bustling creative ability in marrying self produced illustrations with her narratives.  She also paints stories full with sarcasm by exposing her own personal flaws and turning them into very entertaining reads.

I discovered her blog just a week ago and was immediately transported into the Super Saiyan M. universe.  After introducing myself and requesting a monkey tail, I went straight for the jugular.  Even that I find the articles extremely enjoyable, provoking responses from her gains me more amusement.  Recently, she posted a quick Q&A, to get to know her readers.  The following is my response and an attempt at prompting Super Saiyan M. to draw a cartoon of me or add me to her Google+ circles.  Hopefully we establish some great banter that readers from both blogs can enjoy and it could be like a group project.

5 questions from Super Saiyan M.

How did you find me?
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  Also, the internets.

What are your hobbies?
Review blogs and their authors that are still in school.

Tell me something you learned about blogging.
Only if you tell me what you’ve learned in school.  Also if you blog in the nude like me.

Do you drive stick shift or automatic?

What’s your pet’s name…wait, do you have a pet? If you don’t have a pet, would you like one?
Super Saiyan M.  But I call her soup for short.  Owning a bear would be cool.  Just saiyan.

Blogging Process by I’m just Super Saiyan


Watch Super Saiyan M. draw an amoeba with working flagella.

10 thoughts on “The War of Art”

  1. Allllright, I have devised an answer.
    This is super flattering. It makes me really happy to know that you dig my stuff enough to write up this craziness. It appears that I have been prompted to draw up some Kipp face, but you’ve got two pictures…and I don’t know if you want those to be drawn or not; get back to me on that.
    Also, I don’t have google plus. Maybe I”ll get it and then you will be my circle. Or in my circle. Or in the equator of my circle…I like don’t really get how google plus works… are there other shapes?


    1. yes! i’ll be happy with any drawing of my faces. g+ circles is the (somewhat)equivalent to Facebook Friends, minus all the privacy issues. to put it simply, what facebook was to myspace, g+ is to facebook. as for shapes, circles seem to be the best ambassador, also it’s use is as easy as pi. i know, that was horrible.


      1. I guess I’m not very familiar with circular google things, lol, I will attempt to use it. But fair warning, I hate facebook…so if this is like facebook, I will probably hate it.
        Here is my drawing of your gravitar – I can’t see a lot of you, so I had to assume you were wearing one of those fuzzy hats from the 90s and a swim suit top since you like surfing and breast cancer awareness. Also everyone knows surfers do the “hang ten” hand sign. And by everyone I mean, this is what I know about surfers from movies.


      2. omg, you’re such a dork. but i do appreciate your time in drawing your interpretation of my avatar. thank you. regarding your knowledge of surfers(which is adorable), we call the “hang ten” sign a “shaka”. the shaka isn’t inclusive to surfing but is stereotypical of a surfer. also long hair, a long drawl in speech, terrible attitudes and possibly bank robbers, thanks to movies. *sigh. The shaka is how people in hawaii say hello, goodbye, thank you and look at me i’m wearing a pink bikini.


      3. lolll okay so I had a littttle bit of fun with this. I’m sorry!
        I’m glad I learned something today – shaka. Is it pronounced how it looks?
        Sorry I’m not much of a surfer myself, so I guess I never investigated the meaning of this. I guess you just do the hand signal when you’re verbally saying hi or goodbye?


      4. yup, A’s like in ah. a shaka is hawaiis style of waving, that is both used silently and with verbal attachments. but when used silently it usually has a head tilt, smug or smile, and with the ladies a wink. the looser the clench of the shaka the better. tight or forced shakas says, hi i just arrived from wisconsin.


  2. I’m trying to think of what to comment…and I still haven’t come up with anything solid yet.
    I thought you said you were going to answer the questions in a blog post… YOU ONLY ANSWERED LIKE ONE OF THE FIVE QUESTIONS!
    Also, where can I find that blog whose author had lost a pet due to vodka? That guy needs a lot of support. And education.


    1. well, sometimes i wear just boxer briefs when i blog. i would love support and education. should i have used a lower or higher proof alcohol when i fed sparky?


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