What The Apps


Yup, it’s that time again to rip on Facebook. Facebook users that is. Observe, participate, analyze. That is the crazy repetitive cycle in this noggin of mine. I’ve already done the analytical cycle with Farmville, Petville and Daily Horoscope. Choke fun. Choke defriendings. In a nutshell, plow your own damn fields, clean up your own dog shit, and I’m not a Libra so why do I care that you’re having a superb day.

Lets add Status Shuffle to that list. Because life is hard and too difficult to express in your own words. Praise the makers of an application that writes everything out for you. Praise the commenters and likers. For they truly appreciate unoriginal writings. A standing ovation, to those who use automated vocabulary. Your artificial cleverness and wit does not go unnoticed. Congratulations to those who receive kudos for something they copy. Your 4th grade intelligence impresses the shit out me.

Now, go find an app that helps deal with this sarcasm overload. via Status Shuffle.

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